For the next 4 months, I will be creating a new piece of art to sell each month, and 30% of the proceeds from the piece will go to a different charity or organization. I started this in February, so that’s 11 new prints and 11 different charities/orgs from February to December. The focus is on causes that I believe will need our help over the next four years – possibly now more than they ever have before – causes supporting the rights of women, children, immigrants, the arts, etc.

Help pick the charities and organizations we will be supporting this year!
The theme for November will be The Arts & Humanities. Which charity or organization would you like to help support?

Finally, if there are any themes, charities, or organizations that have not been represented but that you would like me to consider, please let me know! My outline for the year can change if I get enough feedback, and if this all goes well, there is ALWAYS next year to consider, as well.

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